Stal Henstra believes that damlines make the difference in breeding. Therefore we select carefully are breeding mares and the damlines. Our breeding goal is to breed correct, healthy KWPN sports horses who can perform at GP level. Offspring of the damline support our breeding goal. Several horses bred and/or owned by Stal Henstra already compete at the highest level. Also in the young horse competition horses bred at Stal Henstra are outstanding.

We breed with 3 jumper damlines:        Sina damline (damline 20, breeding family 398)

                                                                      Schildamsel (Hannover damline 1190110)

                                                                      Zephyr damline 95, breeding family 709

and our dressage damline:                      Damline 145, breeding family 149

The Sina damline is one of the most importand jumper line in Holland. Stal Henstra bred and/or owned (international) jumperhorses from Sina line like Nerina (1.60m) , Drachten (1.50m), Wembley (1.45m), Ulanov (1.45m),  Carina (1.35m),  but this damline is also known for the international jumpers like Mac Kinley, Modesto, Emmerton, Obelix, Vivaldi, Rocco, Tersina, Nintendo, Alpha, Amor van de Rostal, Bugatti, Big Brother, Sandorado, Laddidor, Urasinaa, Wersina, Tampa, Napoleon, Zorro . Approved stallions from this damline are Modesto, Emmerton, Floris, Highlight,  High Shutterfly.

Horses like Tobelia (1.50m) and Zephyr (1.55m) we bred out of the Shidamsel line . This damline shows a great attitude for jumping with very quick reflexes. Also the approved stallion Etoile is from this damline.  

The Zephyr line is our first damline we started breeding. This damline gave of numerous healthy sporthorses.  Carlberg perfoms at 1.60m level, but Tic Tac is a GP performer in dressage. Other sporthorses are Charlie (1.40m), Bacidin (1.40m), Dacidin (1.30m) Rostov (PstG dressage), Sidin (1.40m), Udin (1.30m), Lidin (1.30m), Belidin (1.30m), Melvin (PstG dressage), Burlington (1.35m), Toronto (1.40m), Hemba (1.60m), Imba (1.60m), Lemba (1.60m),

Ofspring of our dressage damline 145 is Zavita (Inter 1), Vanquish (Inter 1), Wavita (L3T2) approved KWPN stallions Rolex and Zanzibar. At the national mare show the foundation mare Evita (Sovereign Bill xx) became champion of Holland as a 2 year old. Homebred Ivita (Apache) became in 2016 reserve champion of Holland.

Nerina ISP GP jumping with Jur Vrieling